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Thursday, January 31, 2013


After about six weeks off, the day finally came. The Yesterukes gathered for the first time in 2013. The Norovirus pushed us out of our regular practice space. (Actually, we fled.) Then when we arrived, our alternate practice space was being painted. So we found an unused conference room that barely held us. We packed the room full today. Only three members were missing. And we had a new player, too. She heard us play just before Christmas and said, "I was completely blown away by your sound. I just had to come today. I want to be part of this.

One of our long-time players had to slip out early from our final gig for 2012 and he got to listen from the back of the room just before he left. He had never heard what the band actually sounded like to an audience. When you're sitting with the band, you only hear your own uke and those players closest to you. He was serious when he told us, "I had no idea we sounded that good." He seemed surprised. We're going to work hard to keep it that way in 2013. 

Anticipation, Carly Simon, 1971

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