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Saturday, September 8, 2012

You've Got A Friend

If you've been reading our blog all along, you know that one reason our band has continued is because of the good friendships that have grown within the group. What you might not know is that these friendships extend beyond our own band.

The ukulele community is strong world-wide. There are uke players of every age and uke players dedicated to every type of music--everything from punk to Hawaiian to jazz to country to classical. There are solo players and club players and there are bands very much like the Yesterukes. Thanks to the power of the internet, we have made friends with several of these other groups.

But one group in particular has become a "sister group" to the Yesterukes. Email friendships have grown between several of our members and members of SMUG on Prince Edward Island, Canada. It started when their director emailed questions about how our group functioned. Since then, we have swapped ideas, swapped songs and swapped encouraging words. And we discovered how much we have in common.

Last summer the director of the Yesterukes made a trip of over 1500 miles to meet SMUG (Saturday Morning Ukulele Group) in person. Of course there were many photos made and we shared those last year. But a few videos were made during our jam session that day. The camera was lost soon after that so we never got to watch what we recorded. But yesterday that camera came out from hiding, so more than a year later we got to see what fun happened that day.

We just had to share...

You've Got A Friend, James Taylor, 1971

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