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Monday, June 25, 2012

I Love Being Here With You

The performing year has ended for the Yesterukes,
 but the desire to get together has not. 
It's hard to imagine not being together once a week.

So for one last time before our summer break, 
the Yesterukes, spouses and guests 
found time to meet for lunch.

No performance this time. It was just us.
Just a time to enjoy good food and fellowship.

But as you can imagine, it's impossible 
for this group to be in one room without music.
So there were a few group songs, and some members 
shared a fun song, a poem or just a little nonsense.

It was fun to hear about summer plans--one couple is on a cruise to Scandinavia already, there is a cruise to Alaska for another couple in a couple of weeks. Trips to the beach and the mountains and time with family are already booked, too. But as the summer ends, you can be sure the ukuleles will gather again. Everyone will be rested and refreshed. Good thing, because our fall calendar is already full. We are now booking for 2013! We still find this hard to believe. 


I Love Being Here With You, Peggy Lee, 1961

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  1. You guys are awesome- have a great summer! Ukester Brown