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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Wonderful Time Up There

The road started to rise and twist as we drove to find Washington Baptist Church, located in the foothills. It was our first time there. When they start setting up more tables and chairs for an extra large attendance, we knew they were expecting good things from us. We didn't disappoint.

And neither did they. The lunch was delicious. 
We always enjoy good food. And these Baptists fed us well.

As much as we enjoy making music, 
we enjoy the fellowship that each gig affords us.

There is even time for visiting as we get set up.

We had a couple of panicked moments waiting for the last folks to arrive. But they got there just in time.

After the program the hostess congratulated the program chairman for the good job he had done all year. And then she told him that he had outdone himself when he booked us. No one at Washington Baptist Church had heard us before so they weren't quite sure what to expect.

But after the program, many there came to tell us how much they had enjoyed the music and how much fun they had.

They wanted to know about our assortment of ukuleles. 
And they wanted to know if we'd come back.

Some of the other comments that were heard were:

"I've never seen anything like this." (We think that was a compliment.)

"Who knows how many girlfriends I'd have had way back 
then if I had known the words to all those songs you sang today!"

"I played ukulele as a child. It belonged to my mother. 
But my sister inherited it. Darn."

"This was just the best program ever."

"How hard is it to learn to play one of these things?"

We had a great time, too. And it's there's a good possibility we'll be back there next year.

A Wonderful Time Up There, Pat Boone, 1958

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