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Monday, March 19, 2012

I Remember It Well

The Yesterukes enjoyed another lunch together today. (Maybe we should be writing a "ukulele players like to eat" blog.) We do enjoy sharing a meal with our audiences.

Today's audience at Second Presbyterian Church was one of the best. While we played, we watched faces and saw the smiles. We watched the sly glance and a squeeze of the hand between husband and wife when we played "their song." We watched people sing along with us when it was one of their favorites. We've said it before--we're in the memory business as much as the music business. After today's program so many people stayed around to share their stories and their memories. That is the best part of the gig.

At the end of today's program--after a standing ovation--the program host thanked us "for bringing extreme joy" to those in attendance. What a wonderful thing we get to do!

I Remember It Well, Maurice Chevalier in the movie Gigi, 1958

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  1. You guys are an inspiration to have more fun- keep it up! - Ukester Brown