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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On The Road Again

The Yesterukes are back! After a very long summer break, we hit the road again bringing songs and memories to the good folks at Fairview Baptist Church. We had new songs in our set list and some new equipment to make things run smoother. Thank goodness there was at least one Yesteruke who knew how to hook all of this up!

And once again, we were well fed. 

The group here numbered over 100, including one beautiful lady who was celebrating her 95th birthday.

The Yesterukes sounded as good as ever, receiving a standing ovation and a request to return another time.

The Yesterukes trade in music and memories. Last night as we were packing up after the program a lady came up to talk to us. She said she had listened carefully as we were singing one of our standard songs, Sixteen Tons. She grew up in W. Virginia where her father was a coal miner. She told us, "As I sat and listened to this song, I thought....they could be singing about my dad. Pretty much every word of that song was true for him." Powerful memories.

On The Road Again, Willie Nelson, 1980

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