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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sing We Now Of Christmas

The Yesterukes ended their performing year with a pair of Christmas programs.  Hard to believe another year has come to an end.  This was our fourth season of Christmas shows.
We entertained over 70 Hospice volunteers at their annual dinner.  This particular group of volunteers man the three Thrift Stores that help fund the Hospice program in Laurens County.
And the following day we gathered again at midday at Rolling Green Village for the Ladies Club luncheon.
They had the largest attendance of the year for this program.  This was a group that sang along with us enthusiastically.  We left this last program truly in the Christmas spirit.
We provided the entertainment for their meeting and in turn, they fed us well.  The Yesterukes seem to eat well nearly everywhere we go.  One member said she was glad to be done with the programs.  We thought she meant she was tired of our schedule--but she said she was glad not to have another four or five delicious Christmas meals while she could still fit in her clothes!
And we had a special guest with us for this final program.  A young man doing his high school senior project on ukuleles has one of the Yesterukes as his mentor.  He has been learning to play ukulele since school started this year.  He sat in with us for this whole program.  When it was over, he said, "It is so much more fun to play with a group than to play at home by myself."  

He has discovered the secret of the Yesterukes.  

 Sing We Now Of Christmas, Traditional

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