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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The More We Get Together

The morning chill didn't stop ukulele players from across the Southeast from gathering at Lake Greenwood in South Carolina.  Uketoberfest 2010 was the second gathering here.  They came from North Carolina, Georgia and all parts of South Carolina.

They came to admire ukulele collections brought by dedicated players who wanted to let others try them out.  There are not many available to play in music stores---yet.  So we loved the chance to play all types of ukes.

A roaring fire looked inviting and warmed us up.  The weather was perfect, warming up nicely as the day went on.

Early in the day a van arrived---a ukulele store on wheels!

Mim's Uke's from Charlotte, NC had learned about this gathering and she brought a huge assortment of ukes for everyone to drool over.  Pretty sure she took less home than she brought.

Songs and licks were swapped.  Every genre of music (except maybe classical) was played by someone here.

And every manner of ukulele clothing was on display--shirts, jackets, hats and these most distinctive shoes!

More ukulele shopping.  One can never have enough ukuleles.

But it's the music that brings us together.  There was plenty of time to jam.  Everyone got a chance to start a song or two.  We all learned something new.  And likely have a list of songs to learn at home.

And in the afternoon there was an open mic.  Many folks took the opportunity to play for the group.  Some were seasoned performers.  For others, it was the first time to play for an audience.  We heard rock songs, Hawaiian songs, blues songs, TV theme songs and more.  Some were individual performers, some groups.  The Yesterukes did a few from their set list.   It was fun to hear everyone and those of us who didn't play this year might be braver next time.  

The final song of the open mic was a beautiful jazz version of Autumn Leaves performed by a husband and wife duo from Georgia--the perfect song to end the day.  

Thanks to the Charleston Hotshots for making this happen.  We look forward to the next one.

The More We Get Together, Childrens' Song, traditional

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  1. Looks like a fun time and it has been a nice warm October up here in MN. Nice shoes and did I see a pickle bucket cello in there? Ukester Brown

  2. Not sure it was pickles in the bucket, but, boy, could she get music out of that thing!

  3. I got there late and missed most of the fun. I did get to play in the group version of "Born to be Wild" and the Dylan song. A lot of fun and I'll get there earlier next time.

    Is any one in your area playing slack key guitar? I'm in Columbia and I've been studying on my own with a couple of good books and videos but it would be great to actually play with another guitarist.

    Thanks for a great time!

  4. Sorry, I don't know any slack key players. Swannanoa Gathering teaches classes in that each summer. Maybe you can find someone near you who has taken the class.