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Monday, January 18, 2010

Back In The Saddle Again

Today is a holiday (MLK Day) but when you are on a retirement schedule, every day is a holiday! Today does give us a short breather before we get back to full speed on Thursday. After several weeks off following an intense Christmas schedule--we did five programs in 17 days--the Yesterukes are more than ready to get back together. We have missed the fellowship that comes with practices and performances.

Those of you who do not know us well might be interested to know that the 20 members of the Yesterukes live in seven different towns in four different counties scattered across the upstate of South Carolina. People often think we are a group from a church or a retirement community. But our players belong to an assortment of churches and denominations. Some live in retirement communities, but the majority do not. We live in the city, in small towns and on farms. Among our players we have golfers, wood workers, dog lovers, world travelers, knitters, gourmet cooks, mahjong players, kayakers, artists, horse owners...and the list goes on. How lucky we are that this busy group of people think our ukulele group is a worthy activity to add to their list.

We still are amazed that this diverse group of people found their way together to make a little music and enjoy each others company. And all of this pleasure spills over as we share our ukulele music with many, many others as we play for groups around the upstate.

Maybe we will see you at a program in 2010. If you can't be a fan in person, become our fan on Facebook! Just search for "Yesterukes" on your Facebook page.

Back In The Saddle Again, signature song of Gene Autry, 1939

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