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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Everybody's Talking

When we can do something that is fun for us and help raise over $1800 for charity, it's a great night! The YesterUkes outdid themselves tonight musically at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church where the women of the church held their basket auction and hot dog supper. We were so glad to be part of this. The standing room only audience was a perfect mix for us--many of them (like us) were in the "old but not ancient" category. Exactly the group that knows the songs we sing. But we also had young families with small children who danced in the aisles as we sang. Fun for all ages. The program ended with a standing ovation and maybe the longest applause we've ever received. Gotta love it!

The best and the worst part of a performance comes at the very end. Packing up the sound equipment is just plain work, but sometimes it's the best part of the program because that's when people like to come up and talk. Tonight one lady said, "This was just wonderful. My husband used to play and sing these songs all the time. I lost him eleven years ago. Tonight...(deep breath)...brought back such good memories. I loved it."

Someone else came up to add, "I grew up in an orphanage and we spent lots of time there listening to these songs on the radio. Hearing you sing tonight brought back some of the best memories I have from back then." An attractive blonde exclaimed, "Gee, I wish I was old enough to play with the YesterUkes!" (We have no age requirement--you just have to be able to practice at 1:30 in the afternoon.) The favorite comment of the night was from the lady who paused as she was leaving to tell us, "Well, you know are old when you can sing every song you played tonight without looking at the song sheets! I am officially old."

Everybody's Talking, from Midnight Cowboy, 1967


  1. You are not old, Diane. You are "ripe"! That's when the fruit's at it's sweetest. You're a sweetheart and please continue to do so. Thanks for "Making a Joyful Noise" and spreading the passion. Ric

  2. The YesterUkes will keep on spreading ukulele joy here, just like your group does on the west coast!