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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (and Play)

Learning from modern ukulele masters was a treat for the YesterUkes today.  Ralph Shaw and Joel Eckhaus stopped in Laurens as part of their East Coast tour to teach a workshop for the local ukulele players.  The YesterUkes worked on different strums and other techniques to add variety to the "plunka plunka" sound that most people associate with a ukulele.

They also ventured into the world of chord melody--playing the ukulele as a solo instrument.  It's a different style for most of this group, but if we practice, it's possible that you will hear an instrumental song from the YesterUkes in the coming months.  

The highlight of the day was an evening concert at the local library.  Adults and children filled every seat.  Ralph and Joel, performing as The Whiteouts ("We cover the Inkspots") dazzled the full house with songs and ditties from the heyday of the ukulele, playing songs in the style of Roy Smeck and George Formby.  They also sang their version of songs by Elvis and the Everly Brothers--something for everyone.  Everyone was all smiles as they left!

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