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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Food, Glorious Food!

The YesterUkes are on the road again.  Rested and refreshed after a holiday break, they resumed performing for groups across the Upstate.  The first program of 2009 was preceded by a wonderful lunch provided by the members of St. Matthew UMC, who braved the cold to come today.  The YesterUkes love good cooking almost as much as they love good music! (Or, could that be the other way around?)

After lunch, the band kicked off their set.  Voices joined together, singing bouncy choruses from the swing era.  Ukuleles are particularly well-suited to these jazz standards, breezing through the quick chord changes.  Listeners became part of the music as they sang along with these lively tunes.  How can you tell if they like the music?  Look for smiling faces, tapping toes, bouncing knees and lots of laughter.  A standing ovation, like the one the band received today, is a pretty good sign the the band is doing it right!

After the program comes the best part -- listening to the stories told as folks come up afterwards to speak to band members.  There are so many funny tales and moving stories connected to these old songs.  Every person has something different to share.  The temperature was still frosty when it was time to leave, but everyone went out into the cold with warmed spirits -- many still humming their favorite song.

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