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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's A YesterUke?

I just called the screen printer to see if our new long-sleeved T-shirts were ready. I told the young lady who answered the phone that I was checking on an order for the YesterUkes. She said "Just a minute", then turned and said to someone beside her "I don't know what she said. I thought she said YesterUkes but I KNOW that can't be right!" He chuckled and took the phone. Well, the shirts are ready and none too soon as the weather is turning cooler quickly.

We are occasionally asked what "YesterUkes" means. It's quite simple, really. We all play ukuleles and we play songs from days past--yesterday, yesteryear, etc. The dictionary defines "yester" as pertaining to yesterday. "Yesterday" may be a stretch if you take it literally, but even if the songs are 50 years old, it probably seems just like yesterday to some of us!

So we chose the name for that reason. That---and the fact that the name is so unique that when you put it into Google, we are all that comes up! So if you've wondered, now you know.

Look for us soon as we begin our holiday season. Two scheduled performances are open to the public---the lobby of Greenville Hospital and the Great Hall at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. Check the schedule on the right for dates.

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