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Monday, October 6, 2008

Turn Your Radio On And Listen To The Music In The Air

We've heard those old lyrics for years but never thought the music playing might be ours! On Saturday, the YesterUkes CD was featured on WDRF (1510 AM) during the Rex Skinner Show. It's two hours of "oldies"---songs from the 50s and 60s. The show probably had to stretch a little to include some of our REALLY old songs. It was fun to turn on the car radio and hear our ukulele music. It's just not everyday that you hear ukulele music on the radio----much less ours.

All of this happened because the deejay for that program happened to be in the audience when we played for the Golden Age group a few days earlier. That morning began with one of the best covered dish dinners we have had. Someone has suggested that we start collecting recipes from the many dinners we get to attend and then put together a cookbook. It's a thought....

When we decided months ago to play a few songs for seniors in retirement communities, no one had a clue what an adventure we had embarked upon. Radio airplay, huge newspaper coverage, festival invitations, pub and restaurant venues.... We must be doing something right. We plan to stay focused on sharing music and memories with older audiences but we'll also enjoy the adventure!

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