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Monday, September 15, 2008

Here A Baptist, There A Baptist, Everywhere A Baptist...

As the sun was sparkling on the water at Lake Greenwood, folks scrambled to set up more tables and chairs just before the annual senior picnic, sponsored by the Laurens Baptist Association, was scheduled to begin at 10:30 AM. The attendance was expected to be about 100 people but it quickly grew to a record 161! (Could it be they came to hear the YesterUkes?) Folks were squeezed into every corner of the building.
In short order things were underway and the YesterUkes led their largest sing-along to date. For about 45 minutes the large audience sang along with tunes from the Big Band to the Doo Wop era. It was so much fun to hear that many voices join together.

After the music folks enjoyed the largest covered dish lunch many had ever seen. Good ol' Southern cooking at its best. The desserts alone covered several tables. And while we ate, we visited with many friends.

We are beginning to get some feedback on the YesterUkes CD. Just in from Virginia: "Loved your CD! Loved hearing those Southern accents." The CDs will be available at the Village Cup in Laurens on September 27 for $10. Or you can contact a YesterUke member or email for ordering information.

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