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Friday, August 1, 2008

Well, this is easier than I would have thought. I have added our schedule to this blog. We get many requests for information about our performances. This will be a convenient way to let everyone know where we will be.

To get to this blog, go to Add this to your "Favorites" or bookmark it so that you can get back here easily. Let your friends and family know about this blog. It's great new part of the YesterUkes.

Thanks, Katie for making this happen! It's nice to know nice people.


  1. Hey Dianne!

    Don't tell folks to just bookmark this site, tell them to add it to their RSS feed reader so that new posts will show up "automagically."

    That way they only have to click if you've added something since their last visit.

  2. Have you figured out I'm a little clueless here? I don't know what RSS feed reader is but I'll try to learn. Thanks.